"The First Big Update"

Welcome to  "The First Big Update".  v0.2 is now available for download.

Thanks everyone for supporting this game, means a lot. I've been working on some new fun stuff such as:

  • Some tweaks/rewording for the base rules, including Movement and measuring ranges.
  • Changed how the "Arcance Rocket" Spell works and added the new spell "Dominate".
  • Added a new Magic Discipline, the "Mermancer".
  • Added 2 new Events (gamemodes/scenarios), "Grudge Match" and "Living Arena".
  • Testing out a new format style and added some placeholders images to fill in empty space.

I've also started planning the next update, so stay tuned. :)

If you've already payed for the game, I think you should get the update for free. If not you can always just select "No, thanks" option at the payment screen. still figuring out itch.io 

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